Forrest has been living on the streets of Central Florida off and on for 15 years. It wasn’t always this way for him, though. He was a successful indoor tile contractor who moved from Indiana to Florida because of work.

He was doing well in Orlando at one point, even laying tile in the home of golf legend Arnold Palmer.

But unfortunately, the tile laying work dried up, and he lost his job. This led to Forrest experiencing homelessness and amassing health issues. He suffers from several chronic respiratory diseases, and while living on the streets, he’s been robbed at gunpoint and been stabbed.

When it gets cold, he finds a laundromat and sleeps under the exhaust vents to stay warm.

“It was pretty rough,” is how Forrest described his time on the streets. “With the rain, the cold, and mosquito’s biting you all the time,” he continued.

Through all his battles, he remains hopeful that he’ll be housed one day soon.

“Keeping faith in the Lord, keeping a straight mind and staying positive,” Forrest said.

He has great case management and hope for the future. Now, all Forrest needs is a home. It’s time to help our neighbors like Forrest go home.


“A place to rest.”

- Forrest

on what it would mean to find a home