Report Fraud

Waste & Abuse

Help Ensure that Scarce Resources Are Used to Help People Experiencing Homelessness

As the lead agency for the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness (designated as CoC FL-507), HSN takes issues related to fraud, waste and abuse very seriously.

Specifically, if you are:

  • A participant or resident in a program operated by HSN or one of its subcontractor agencies
  • An employee of HSN or one of its subcontractor agencies


  • A landlord or other vendor receiving payments from HSN or one of its subcontractor agencies


You are personally aware that HSN, its subcontractor agencies or their staff:

  • Violated the law in a way that puts someone’s health, safety, or welfare in danger
  • Seriously mismanaged resources
  • Seriously wasted or misused funds


  • Neglected important responsibilities


Send an email explaining the situation to

In most cases, you will be able to keep your identity confidential throughout the investigation. The law also protects you from retaliation for reporting HSN or its subcontractor agencies.