Does your nonprofit or faith-based organization have a need for volunteers to help people experiencing homelessness?

If you’re based in Orange, Osceola or Seminole counties, please fill out this online form so we can spread the word.

No Google account? No worries. Just copy the questions below, add your answers, and send them via email to with “volunteer opportunity” in the subject line:

      • The name of your organization

      • The address where volunteers will serve

      • A brief description of the volunteer activity

      • The number of volunteers needed

      • The dates volunteers are needed (or say “ongoing”)

      • The hours volunteers are needed

      • If this is a recurring opportunity, how frequently will volunteers be needed (daily, weekdays only, weekends only, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)?

      • Is there a minimum amount of time volunteers must serve?

      • How should volunteers sign up?

      • Is parking available on site? If not, where should volunteers park?

      • Will volunteers need to bring anything (materials, food, sunscreen, etc.)?

      • Will volunteers need to wear special clothing?

      • Will volunteers be working with a special population (children, young adults, elderly, etc.)?

      • Who is the contact person at your organization (name, email, phone)?