Data & Research

We support the development and dissemination of the latest findings on the state of homelessness in Central Florida.

Explaining the Data

Community Reports

HSN has developed a series of regularly scheduled training modules intended to empower end users and agency administrators to use already available reporting tools to the fullest extent. HSN urges all partners with ongoing reporting and analysis needs to avail themselves of these resources. The reports are designed to answer many of the questions that arise most frequently in agencies and the community at-large.

HSN also continues to develop additional specialized reporting tools that will be useful to a wide range of partners and stakeholders with similar types of inquiries. These reporting tools and related documentation will always be freely available to all participating agencies.

Requesting custom data reports or analysis

Through HMIS, all participating agencies are able to generate reports on the status and progress of programs, program participants and the system as a whole.

However, we recognize that there are some reports or analysis that require the assistance of our lead agency’s HMIS team. HSN provides the service of fulfilling ad hoc requests  for customized reporting and/or analysis on a first-come, first-served basis and will have fees associated.

For more information on requesting a custom data report, go to HSN Report/Data Request Form